Friday, 5 February 2016

Week 5 - Hospital Release.

The moment had finally come - exactly 8 weeks early - I WAS RELEASED!! After 4 weeks of being in hospital I was free to continue my recovery at home. No one could wipe the smile of my face today!
Obviously I still couldn't get around very well so I had to live downstairs at home. Oli pitched up a day bed downstairs which was perfect! I had so much TV to catch up on, which was perfect as I wasn't going to be doing a lot else any time soon.

Happy as a pig in shit!
 I was pretty immobile which meant I was still very reliant on other people and not very self sufficient. It was also very important at this stage that I didn't push myself too hard as I was still recovering from massive surgery.

The following Sunday was Valentines Day! By the end of this week I was getting around a bit better and had been out a few times in a wheelchair and on crutches, so definitely wanted to go out for lunch. Oli booked us in for afternoon tea at the Mere Golf Club, which was amazing, even if I did have to sit there in a neck brace!

Over the next few weeks I gradually pulled myself off paracetamol and the nerve painkillers, pre-gablin. The nerve pain was still very noticeable, and I'm sure for a while it will be. The nerve root from L5-S1 joint was extremely damaged and repairs at around a mm a day. So I could have a numb foot and ankle for a while!

Yet again I would just like to massively thank all staff at Stepping Hill hospital. Your care was second to none and I will always be grateful for this. I'm definitely looking forward to coming back to visit when I am walking properly and back to my normal self!

V x


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