Sunday 31 January 2016

Week 3 - Post Operation.

Finally after 16 days in hospital, and an 8 hour back operation, all my surgery was complete. I remember coming round for a few minutes after I had come out of theatre, and was waiting to go back to the ward. The pain was excruciating. It wasn't just my back, it was my legs too. This is when I began to panic as they were in so much pain I physically couldn't even move them. I vaguely heard nurses insisting to me that I would be ok whilst trying to get me to calm down. With all the drugs I blacked out again..
Attempting to get up for the first time
 Wednesday 27th Jan -The following day not much happened as I slept pretty much all day, but by Wednesday it was time to try and sit up!! As I felt ok laying down I was quite looking forward to seeing the physios and learning to walk again. However this was soon not the case. They began to crank my bed up and my back and legs were in agony along with feeling really faint and pretty sick. I was pulled up to sitting but after about a minute I was back down again.

Friday 29th Jan - The Thursday was a similar story to attempt 1, but Friday saw some progress!! I had dulled down the medication which actually made me feel less dizzy. I sat up relatively well and was ready to try and stand up. With my zimmer frame in place, and with a fair bit of gritting my teeth I WAS UP!  Even though it was only for a few seconds and it felt awful it was great to be up again. Things were finally starting to look up for me!

Standing up for the first time!
Sunday 31st Jan - I don't know why but today I had a good feeling! I was determined to get to my next target of sitting in the chair, and walking. I was desperate for the physiotherapists to come round so I could crack on! Again I sat up and the room wasn't actually spinning.. I was sure I was onto a winner. I went to stand up and for about a minute I had relatively good control until everything became blurry..I hit back down on the bed and suddenly alarms starting going off and I had fainted. Damn it!

It wasn't the end to the week I had hoped for but tomorrow was a new day and new week.. game on!

V x


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