Friday, 22 July 2016

Rehab Update.

2 weeks ago it was exactly 6 months since I crashed. I would say I am definitely back to being a 'normal' human again, and now have very limited spells of pain. Its such a relief to know that I will not have to endure a lifetime of chronic back, neck or pelvis pain.

The last month or so has been slightly more difficult than the previous ones, as the hype of the Olympics is starting to build. Naturally, I'm devastated that 4 years of hard work came to an abrupt end and ruined my chances of making my first Olympic team. Rio 2016 will be an amazing Games and I will be cheering on all of Team GB, especially the cyclists, and of course my team mates.
I can confidently say I gave 110% in every training session, so can only hold my head high as I continue my recovery. Don't get me wrong I have cried my fair share of tears from pain, disappointment, and frustration, however I know I have become stronger as a person, which I can only be thankful for. There are hundreds of athletes across all sports that are in the exact same circumstance, and we can now just keep our heads down and come back stronger for Tokyo 2020!

Getting great ROM in the hydro pool
My rehab over the last 2 weeks has dramatically gone up a gear, and finally I think my glutes are doing something! Rob, my Physio at Stepping Hill, can now only just withstand the power I push through his chest when doing my floating single leg leg press. With regular massage my scar tissue and muscles have also relaxed significantly, giving me a much wider range of movement. Mr Sian is astounded by my ROM for someone who has had not only had pelvis surgery but back surgery too. I can also walk now for over 2 hours which I do for general fitness. I really couldn't ask for any more at this stage.

I am currently awaiting a CT scan of my pelvis before my rehab can progress any further. We are hoping the scan will show that the bone graft has bridged the gap in my pelvis and therefore it will be completely stable. This will allow me to begin to train again! If the bone graft has fully healed I will have an operation in ASAP to remove my pelvis pin, which will slow things down slightly, but also means 1 less operation next year. My scan is due to be around the beginning of August - so fingers crossed!

Again a massive thanks to all of the support around me, I couldn't of done it without you all. Also a special mention to ASM (Agile Sports Management) with whom I've just started a new partnership.

I am determined to get back competing and can't wait to start my official rehab back on to the bike, which will hopefully very soon!

V x



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