Sunday 13 March 2016

Week 9 - BBC News & Scans.

The last 4 weeks have actually flown by! This Saturday marks 9 weeks since the crash. I've been recovering at my parents house back down in Norwich, as my parents both work from home they have been able to help me around the house.

I moved back up to Manchester this week as I was becoming pretty self sufficient and no longer need 24/7 care. BBC Look East came to follow me for a couple of days for a news report. Tom Williams and camera man Kevin were great to work with, and we managed to get some filming done at my house, the velodrome, and my follow up hospital appointment on Tuesday. The link to the clip on the news is below..

BBC East Report on my crash, full clip below

This was the second appointment I had following my release. The plan was to have a CT scan on my pelvis and Xray on my neck to check that both areas were healing well. The scan results brought some good news which meant I could now partially weight bare and begin to walk without crutches! My neck also looked good on the scan however Mr Sian wanted to complete the full 12 weeks in the collar just to be safe, meaning that it was on until the end of March.

After good results I could now begin to walk!
Even if I wasn't very straight.. I was super happy to be leaving the appointment without using crutches! Roll on the next few weeks!!

V x


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