Wednesday 8 August 2018


After what has undoubtedly been one of the most hectic, fast paced years of my life so far the blog has come out of hibernation and is back. It’s hard to know where to begin as so many new chapters have begun in my life but it makes sense to start it off with Bisham Abbey. I set the record time at the Intensive Rehabilitation Unit with a pretty tasty 9 months on site, and I seriously hope no one ever beats that both for my record and their health’s sake! Since coming out at the end of January I’ve been back with the team, back on the track and back to doing what I’ve spent that last two years dreaming of. Riding bikes!
I’ve just started a new partnership with a product that I’ve been worshipping ever since my crash and rehab period - Bio-Oil. It’s a well loved product for scars and stretch marks; I have big scars, and my legs grow faster than puppies so Bio-Oil = WIN. The bottom line is that the crash has left my body with imperfections and Bio-Oil has played a big part in keeping the scars under control.

My Fitness Regime
Being a professional athlete really is a 24/7 job. If I want to turn this set back into a comeback, my training regime and lifestyle has to be pointed at being at the top of my game day in day out. This mindset and lifestyle means discipline with every aspect of training, as well as every aspect of day-to-day life.
Recovery is everything. Diet plays a major part in this - refueling the depleted energy systems. Sleep is of course absolutely key and last but not least, well-being; positivity and motivation are key to being happy. Happy head definitely means fast legs!

We train 6 days a week combining strength and conditioning as the fundamental training tool to be as powerful as possible. If this step is executed well then the numbers quickly show on track and when the numbers and splits look good you can quickly determine where you stand. On top of this we do our track training, road rides for recovery, and mobility to keep the body from any future injuries.
With 6 days of two to three sessions daily my saviors from above come in the form of physios to keep my body in reasonable shape and give me a chance to recover and be ready for the next session. My scars are treated every day to break down build up under the surface as well as using Bio-Oil to minimize surface damage.

My Scars
Following my crash in 2016 I was left with a pretty tasty collection of scars. For those interested heres a little brief of my collection. Picture these on Margot Robbie's 5"9 physique rather than a 5"4 track cyclist, please and thank you.
An abrasion burn on my leg from the friction, a scar on the back of my arm, entry and exit scars over the base of my back from the 3 back operations, raised scars on my lower spine and la piece de resistance – a 7.5 inch long, 2.5 inches wide scar that came from my back splitting at impact with the wall on the edge of the Velodrome ripping open down to my spine. Lovely.
My scars have gone through changes as they have matured, but are still very much permanent in nature, however Bio-Oil has without a doubt significantly improved their appearance.
At first as you might expect, I was very uncomfortable with the my appearance. I was constantly paranoid and would do anything to try and keep them covered. I felt like people were constantly looking and cringing at the sight. Yet over the last few years Bio-Oil has really helped me physically by allowing the scars to heal better as well as emotionally letting me to wear my improved scars with pride.

I was told that I might not be able to walk again, and subsequently that I would certainly not be able to cycle again. My scars represent me, they represent what I’ve overcome and with “strength is what we gain from the madness we survive” now tattooed on my back I am proud of where I am now and where I am heading. Roll on the road to Tokyo..

V x



  1. Battle scars, obtained in the course of persuing your trade, looking forward to your return when you're ready

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