Sunday 24 January 2016

Week 2 - Stepping Hill Hospital.

Ward D4 Spinal Unit, bed 15 was now my home for a while. At this stage Doctors had told me that I was going to be in hospital for a minimum of 3 months. This came as quite a shock but obviously there was no point dwelling as it was only going to make the process worse. They echoed what had been said in Rotterdam and were in just as much disbelief at how I wasn't currently showing any signs of paralysis, or even temporary paralysis.

With my neck and back still needing operations I still had a way to go and wasn't completely in the clear yet. However some good news did come at the end of the following week! On the 22nd January my surgeon, Mr Sian, told me that the plan was to leave my neck and not operate. This was in order to give me the best possible range of movement afterwards - plus one less operation which was a bonus! I was for certain in the best hands possible, with particular mention to Johanna Wilkinson, who was there for me from Day 1.

The 100mm pin put in to secure my right SIJ joint

Being back in the UK meant that I could finally see everyone. For the whole time I was in hospital I think I had someone in every day which definitely helped me to stay positive - so thanks everyone! Nearly all my team mates and staff came to visit, and it was safe to say I had more cards and flowers than probably the whole hospital put together!

By now I had got used to having a wash on the bed, however my hair was still full of blood from a small cut I had across the back of my head. A little paddling pool was brought in onto the bed and my mum helped wash my hair - I felt like a goddess!

Some goodies from my best friend,Helen Scott
As my pain became relatively under control we did have some laughs this week, some of which can't be repeated.. Living just down the road, Helen Scott, visited every other day, leaving me howling with laughter. Even if my back did hurt it was worth it! Either my mum or Oli stayed overnight with me too, so I had company 24/7!

By Monday 25th January my final operation was able to take place as the stitches could come out of my back wound. My family came with me to the waiting room, I said my goodbyes and was left in my bay. I remember being rolled into the preparation room before entering theatre, having the cannulas put in, and within a few seconds I was gone..

V x


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