Thursday 4 February 2016

Week 4 - Learning to Walk.

HUGE progress to start the week! Monday 1st Feb saw me get OUT of the bed and INTO the chair! Wow it felt amazing to finally be out of bed after just over 3 weeks!! I sat in the chair to eat my breakfast, and for the first time didn't have to be fed.

Things just went full speed ahead from here! The following day I again got out into the chair for my breakfast, and this time without assist from the physios. Now came the time to actually walk. I used the frame which I had been using to stand up to begin to walk. I was incredibly weak, wobbly and sore but I managed to get all the way to the door and back - absolutely over the moon! To be beginning to walk just 24 days after all the injuries I had was unbelievable. I think Mr Sian, my surgeon, was in just in a state of shock!

Walking on my frame
This also meant that I was able to have my catheter out and have my first proper shower in 3 weeks and 4 days! YES!

Wednesday again saw me make another huge step! I was up and straight onto crutches. Admittedly they were a lot harder than using the frame to walk, but I certainly like a challenge.
The final ending to possibly one of the best days of my life saw me go outside on a wheelchair for some air! Despite it being about 5 degrees outside the fresh air felt incredible!

What a day! This just proves that things do get better.. so never give up!

V x


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